Decoding Payment Terms with AI and ML

Efficient payment term management can greatly improve a company's working capital, yet it's often overlooked in numerous companies. This whitepaper explores how AI and ML can empower enterprises to analyze invoices, purchase orders, and payment dates to optimize payment terms significantly, leading to better financial health.

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Decoding Payment Terms with AI and ML
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Boost your working capital with PaymentTermOptimizationAi in 6–8 weeks
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Experience the power of data-driven optimization for your financial operations

Value Proposition

ElectrifAi’s PTOAi improves working capital by optimizing payment and payment terms to free up cash flow and increase financial stability. The solution analyzes contracts and invoices to avoid penalties, enables businesses pay at the right time and negotiates better discounts, improving liquidity, and reducing delays

Lower Freight costs

6-8 Weeks. Rapid time to Value
Avoid data complexity, talent scarcity, and platform dependency

10x Lower costs of Data Science

10x Lower costs of Data Science
Build vs buy, Faster, Better, Cheaper. Less cost, less risk

Responsible Ai

All your Data
Structures, Unstructured, and Scattered

Responsible Ai

Responsible Ai Transparency and Explainability
To mitigate risks with fairness and trust in the model

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We do the heavy lifting from ingestion to insights

Why is PTOAi better?

PTOAi helps enterprises align payments with payment terms, prioritize critical payments, and reduce penalties, allowing them to free up time and resources for more mission-critical tasks

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  • Establish an overall understanding of the payments; optimize and standardize payment terms based on needs across the organization
  • Quantify and improve the saving opportunities through ML. The solution continues to improve working capital with more spending data
  • Enforce consistent, organization-wide payment terms standardization reducing administrative workload and errors while improving efficiency
  • Ready-to-use ML-based solution available on-premise or as-a-service
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Current Approach
  • Though accounting practices are well-established and remain unchanged, payments are processed based on accountants’ preferences
  • Limited insight in contract negotiations; negotiators often follow their own style

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Global telecommunication conglomerate

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